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Streaming Video Channel For Your Web Site(s) - Less Than $10 Per Day
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You will be billed monthly, unless you choose the Annual Plan. Your fee includes us taking care of scheduling, programming, help with content acquisition, and marketing strategies and content!
You do not need to produce even one video in order to make money from video content. There is a way to utilize video produced by others to do nothing except make money for you every single day. Whether you wish to add extremely low cost promotion for your own business or service, or wish to begin or expand your own business, you can start generating income from video content within 48 hours. All you need is a web site!

Video marketing is becoming the rage, especially for small business. YouTube has become one of the top search engines in the world and continues to grow with content about millions of topics. The “Site Streamer” can help you and your business to grow with video marketing.

As you probably know from viewing videos on YouTube, whether for business, education, or enjoyment, YouTube makes its money from advertising sales, effectively placing its advertisers adjacent to appropriate content.
Everyone wins with this method.

The producer/owner of the video can have their video(s) watched by potentially millions of viewers regardless of how much or how little they promote it on their own. If the subject of the video is a well searched topic, they will benefit by attracting a ton of viewers.

An advertiser can have their message on display adjacent to a video on any and every topic which best ties in with their product/service. For example, an upscale restaurant benefits by advertising adjacent to a video with a master chef demonstrating how a certain dish is expertly prepared.

Video companies thrive because more and more businesses need promotional and/or demonstration videos produced for this purpose.

Here is how YOU can cash in. First, keep in mind that any video you can access via YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion is considered to be public domain. What this means is that you are able to show it on YOUR web site or sites, as long as the video itself is not edited or tampered with in any way. There is no need for you to edit or tamper with any of the videos you select.

As you probably know from watching YouTube videos yourself, the screen showing the video is on one side of your screen. The opposite side of the screen is what is most important for our purpose.

While you are watching the video, the opposite side usually shows similar videos available for viewing within the topic. Many times, the additional videos are offered by competitors and other companies and individuals that have also posted videos. In addition, there is usually outside advertising visible. This is how content distributors such as YouTube and Facebook make money, and lots of it. They sell that valuable space to advertisers, small and large, targeting everyone searching for the content of those videos and generate millions of dollars in the process. Whether they make their own videos or not. Their revenue comes from advertisers that want to be seen next to an appropriate video within a specific category.

There is a way that you, whether you own one web site attracting only a few hundred visitors or several sites reaching thousands of visitors, can generate revenue and promote your own business or service from streaming videos on any subject.

With the “Site Streamer”, you can have a fresh hourly schedule of videos to show on your web site(s) at specific times of the day/night on any subject(s) you choose. However, instead of doing like YouTube and Facebook do, you can sell the adjacent space to advertisers that would pay YOU (your business) to be there.

If you have your own business and/or service to promote, you can also promote to your heart’s content, whether you have your own video or not. You can have display ads and a “call to action” on display adjacent to the video screen, just as you could be showing your videos as often as you care to schedule them.

The potential is huge. Your “Site Streamer” can be placed on as many web sites as you own or can partner with! This also allows you to create additional domains and grow those sites to promote your business and/or support your paid advertisers!

Your cost to do all of this starts from less than $3 per day. For a few dollars more, you can hire a Service Bureau to handle the scheduling, while helping with content acquisition, marketing plans, and your promotional social media.

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