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Streaming Video Channel For Your Web Site(s) - Less Than $10 Per Day
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You will be billed monthly, unless you choose the Annual Plan. Your fee includes us taking care of scheduling, programming, help with content acquisition, and marketing strategies and content!
The videos you spent time and money to create and have produced may be available via YouTube and other social media sites. You might have some or all of them available on demand via your web site(s).

There is nothing wrong with that. You want potential and current customers/clients to be able to see them. You hope that watching them will help lead to more business for you and/or to showcase your expertise in the featured topic(s).
However, these elements of distribution of your videos fail to keep potential and current customers coming back to your site on a regular basis. In most cases, your videos are a part of your branding and your business mission.

Although there is value in having video resources always available to visitors to your web site, they are very rarely a reason for them to constantly check back.

Suppose your business site contains 20 separate 3-minute videos about your various products and services.. As helpful and informative as they may be, a potential customer could watch them all in roughly one hour, and then have no reason to return to your site in the future.

On the other hand, a potential customer might know these videos are available, but postpone coming to your site to view them to the point where they forget all about them and go elsewhere.

This is where having the “Site Streamer” comes into play for your site(s). Regardless of how many or how few videos you have available, the ability to promote them “showing” on your site(s) at specific days/times gives potential and current clients/customers reasons to keep coming back.

What happens NOW when you have fresh video content to add? You can spend to promote new video content on your site, only to have the same result of people possibly coming to view it once and then moving on.

When you have the “Site Streamer”, you can be streaming videos of any length as strategically scheduled, as often as you like, on your web site(s).. Each video can be “shown” several times per day, daily, weekly, monthly, or as desired.
Although which videos will be shown and how often you will schedule them generally depends on the type of business or service you offer, having constantly streaming video on your web site(s) allows you to always be showcasing your products and services.

For example, XYZ Clothing Store has a video series showing how its various shirt styles look for business and leisure wearing. Store management chooses two if its lines to have on sale each weekend.
Having a “Site Streamer” enables them to show “Upcoming sale highlights” and air the two videos of what will be on sale starting each Thursday at Noon on their web site. The “On Sale” videos could also stream at 6:00 and 9:00 PM on Thursdays, again at specific times on Fridays, and be repeated all day on Saturdays and Sundays until the sale hours are over.

By doing this, customers know that they can visit the web site each Thursday (or Friday) at Noon (or selected time) and see for themselves which clothing lines will be discounted for the weekend.

XYZ Clothing does this by sending reminders to their email database, posting on their social media accounts, in-store flyers, and within their outside advertising. Of course, the web site can also remind visitors to check in at these times each week for the first look at their upcoming sales!

Let’s use printed flyers within the example. If they spend on creating and printing a flyer to promote that Arrow Shirts will be on sale “this weekend only”, those costly flyers would be outdated the very minute after the sale hours conclude.

By promoting to “Visit the XYZ web site Thursdays at Noon, 3:00, 6:00, or 9:00 PM to find out what is on sale for the weekend”, every flyer maintains an indefinite relevancy. Regular customers are far more likely to keep one flyer as a reminder to check.

What makes this even more effective is that these “upcoming sale” videos could be the very same ones you have had available for months, and that you may be “showing” on your “Site Streamer” on a regular basis anyway. The difference is that now you have placed an urgency on seeing them, and an urgency for bringing potential and current customers to your site.

That rarely, if ever, would happen even if you have these same videos “available” somewhere on your web site.

Keep in mind that the same conditions occur if you have videos for your business or service available on YouTube and other social media sites. Right now, there is no urgency for a potential client/customer to check your video(s) on YouTube.

However, there are even more concerns about sending people away. Even if your site sends them directly to the page containing your YouTube video, chances are your potential or current client/customer is also seeing competitors and other outside advertising and distractions.

In other words, you could go to YouTube for a video about a shirt available at XYZ Clothing Store. Adjacent to that you see links for videos from BCD Clothing Store, manufacturers of other similarly styled shirts, and large chain stores which sell clothing. As soon as someone sees something interesting and clicks, for example, on BCD Clothing Store’s video, the result is a lost client/customer. BCD gains because of YouTube, while XYZ Clothing just lost a potential sale even though it sent the customer to YouTube.

These are just some of the reasons why a “Site Streamer” is an important element to your sales and retention process, no matter how much or how little you currently use video in your marketing.

“Site Streamer” can be used whether you have one web site or 100 web sites, and is available starting at less than $3 per day.
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