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Streaming Video Channel For Your Web Site(s) - Less Than $10 Per Day
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You will be billed monthly, unless you choose the Annual Plan. Your fee includes us taking care of scheduling, programming, help with content acquisition, and marketing strategies and content!
Whether it is your content or content produced by others which you show on your web site(s) via the “Site Streamer”, you can easily operate your site as if it is a TV station. You can schedule your newest or most important videos at key times which impact your business.

Whether you have hundreds of videos of any length of just a few, you can schedule them to stream at the time or times you want on a daily basis. This applies whether you are showcasing video content you own or have produced, or are including content from others.
Just as your local TV stations have a schedule for their programs, you can do the same as a way to attract and keep visitors coming back to any of your web sites. For example, some TV stations air the local news at 11 PM and replay it at 2 AM.

Examples of doing this on your web site include a real estate office showing videos of new property listings every day at 9 AM and 7 PM. An auto dealer could show videos of its newest models at Noon and 6 PM, while showing its used car list at 10 AM and 8 PM.

This concept applies whether you have professionally produced and scripted videos or have put together a slide presentation with approved music in order to show updated information.

The idea behind scheduling your video content is to provide as many reasons as possible to keep potential and current clients/customers returning to your web site on a consistent basis.

You can use existing social media, email databases, and outside advertising to promote specific times and video content. By doing so, you do not need to increase your marketing or advertising budget.

Another important edge your business or service gains by offering scheduled video streaming via your web site(s) is that every viewer sees your planned message and call to action. They see only what you want them to see in addition to the video screen.

This is a huge advantage over the risks of sending a current or potential client/customer to YouTube (or other social media site) to watch your video. When you do that, they are usually exposed to your direct and indirect competitors, outside advertising, and other distractions. All of those combine to increase your chances of losing some or all of their business.

Instead, the “Site Streamer” guarantees that visitors to your site will only see your message and call to action, along with providing them with reasons to return to your site.

Let your YouTube Channel, if you operate one, serve its purpose of attracting people to your site, which it often does. Thus, once they come to your site, you provide them with reasons to return instead of going back to YouTube where they may find a competitor.

Determining your “video schedule” for each day could take up to one hour each day in order to have your content streaming at specifically scheduled times.

If you prefer not to utilize valuable employee time, or take this on yourself if you run your own business or service, there is a low cost solution available.

You can hire a “Service Bureau”, which will handle your scheduling requests and assure that the video content you want will stream at the assigned day(s) and time(s).
In addition, your “Service Bureau” can help with securing appropriate video content for your “Site Streamer”, as well as help with your marketing and advertising strategies. For example, a “Service Bureau” can provide you with specific promotional content for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media feeds you administer.

As a result, the “Service Bureau” can produce and manage both your “Site Streamer” channel and your campaign simultaneously, with prices as low as under $10 per day.

Obviously, this service saves your business money when compared against the cost of employee time and effort for this seven day per week process.
You are not required to utilize a “Service Bureau”, since there is a do it yourself capability with your “Site Streamer”.

A “Site Streamer” web site channel has no limit on the number of times a single video can be shown, an no restriction on the length of a single video. Thus, you can show anything from :30 advertisements to entire three hour seminars and demonstrations, and all points in between as often as you like.

With prices starting under $10 per day, the ability to keep clients/customers returning to your web site(s) far outweighs the risks of sending them to YouTube with the risks of losing them forever to a competitor.

The “Site Streamer” and “Service Bureau” are available via First In Promotions, a marketing agency in business since 1992.
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